Monday, June 9, 2008

Observations on Sunday Races

These are my observations on some of the Horses which participated in the races held on sunday.

To avoid repetition i have posted the Review of Saturday races at my Blog

1.Class IV race which was Won eaily by Prayatna as most of the others were not interested in the proceedings.Coming from Prithviraj's stables One can be assured that this Horse may not WIN again until the next season in spite of the impressive manner with which it WON.

Win Pretty Baby ran on well towards the closing stages and should WIN in the next outing.

Lightin Blues was unlucky for the nth time and may find it difficult in CLASS IV as the handicaps would go against the Horse in the next few outings.

Shisham was unusually made to set the pace which may have cost a certain place.But when intentions of the Trainer is suspect One cant Fault the Horse.

2.HallMark attracted TONNES of support and the bookies finally had the last laugh.I for one could not understand the reasoning behind this blind support.Though the Horse was inconvinienced at the start , at no stage was the First Two Horses ; Regal Ransom and Simple in threat from Hallmark who was lucky to take the third spot.

Simple seems to be a good youngster who is bred to run upto 1600 mts.

Siberian Princess is a PLACE certainty in the next outing .

The performance of Spandau Bullet was inline with what can be expected from this stable.Inconsistency.One day 2 Wins , next day all 5 or 6 not even coming for place.The odds gave away the intentions.

3.Class IV race which was WON by Proof of Treasure inspite of the Top weight.Has been thrice unlucky earlier but the quality of horses tacked this time around was very poor which made the job easy.

Event Horizon did come up with a late surge to finish 2 nd .Nothing much can be read into this performance.

Running Man was finally entrusted to a Jockey of some standing and hence placed third.

The likes of Dominic , Mahesh and Nityanand are notorious for not letting the Horse run upto its potential by entrusting the ride to some mediocre jockeys.This Horse can WIN only if a quality rider is declared.

Touch of paradise will do well when it runs with similar non performers and also in its age group.

4.Race was strictly between TOMSK and Originality and the former got the better at the wire.
As this was a 2 Horse race , One cant be very positive on Tomsk though it came from an impossible position to WIN .
Char Chand is due for a WIN.

5.Fantastic Quest showed a clean pair of heels and WON very convincingly cutting a smart time in the bargain.Should be in contention in the classics as the Manner of victory indicates that it is bred to stay.May provide Mr Mellon the Sire , the first Classsic Victory.

Arktouros : was not seen in the tracks which was very unlike Shroff.If you go through all his other Horses which WON like Kiara and Set Alight , you would find that the Horses were worked atleast once in 2 days.However Arkouros was given just one mock race.

Not that it would have a difference as Fantastic Quest was too good , just that a FIT Arktouros may have finished closer.

Sugar Ray was running after being gelded and this being the first run against good quality horses did reasonably well.

However the Horse to watch out for is The Contender which was seen in the race tracks after skipping one full season.With Rookie Mahesh entrusted not many gave it a chance to finish in the top 5 but came up well to finsh a credible 4 th when you consider the quality of the Jockey.

6.There was a lot of blind support initially for Adamaris which was also running for the first time after being gelded.There was a change in the strategy as the Horse was made to do the front running .Finally it ran out of steam and had the misfortune of giving away even the 3 rd spot.

Glorious Princess lost due to A Imran Khan and hopefullt one of these days will WIN when a unknown and untested horse from MAM stable is installed as favorite.

Timeless Treasure based on the eye catching 3 rd will be a sitter in its next run.
Others Also Ran.

7.Mothers pride had the better of Lycia Falcon at the all important finishing line.I got the feeling that the rest of the Jcokeys were contend with just occuping their seats atop the horses as there was no genuine effort to catch up with these 2 leaders.

Saptashwa which WON in Winter on a Start to Finish mission has had 2 runs this summer and on both occassions grazed the wrong end of the field.Will WIN when Neil desires to.

8.Lady One was the rage and tipped as the best for the day .However the Horse was never in contention though it was running alongside the frontrunner Aurelian.

Aurelian in the usual customary style was taken to the front and may have picked up the race if a apprentice jockey was asked to do duty.Alford was not all that forceful on Aurelian , could be because the part Owner of the Winning Horse Woman on Top was the Owner of this Horse.It ran a blinder of a race against some highly regarded youngsters.

Vijayraj and Hesperus were full of running at the closing stages and over 7 furlongs both of them WILL WIN a graded race.

9.Gift a Diamond had a Gift race.May repeat.
A walk to remember is capable of a better performance.
Gun Fire showed some resemblence of the old form and will easily place in the next outing.
Double Elite 's chances of Winning a race in the same class is very remote due to handicap.

10.Southerner got the better of Tina's Triumph at the closing stages of the race.May be entrusted to allowance jockey in future to reduce the rating as I cant see the Horse in class 3.

Billy Blackjack was the best of the beaten brigade.

Tina's Triumph has been consistent and can pick up a race in the Mysore Season.

Rebellious 's performanace was affected due to the top weight.Again coming from unreliable stable.May strike in the next class or may opt for Mysore.

You could have your ownviews and thoughts.If there is something else that could be of help to one and all , do make it a point to bring it to the notice of all the visitors to this blog as
We are all something, but none of us are everything.

Good day,



Vikram V Sood said...

Shyam bhai, you were on target yesterday except in sixth and eight race. I still feel Zafar didn't run on merit yesterday, the horse was full of running and was galloping well, but the jockey boxed him up like a novice on the rails and he was so badly caught up that he started moving at a time when the race was finishing and he did move rather gamely and quickly towards the end though he could not finish in money. I am no pundit when it comes to analyzing but my gut feeling says Zafar will do well next outing.

RB said...

well written and very good observations.

madhu said...

I also agree with you about Fantastic Quest.Will be a force in classics as per the speed rating it posted.Only worry is that the blood line from Dam side is very ordinary.Hope Mr.Mellon will take care of this.Other impressive runners of the day who can pick up a race in the near future are,
Prayatna, Proof Of treasure, Tomsk & Originality,Glorious Princess & Gift A diamond

Tiger said...

Hi Vikram,

Zafar dint have the luck of the race,In his younger days he was a very keen horse who dint preserve his energy to strike. with this run it was obvious he has calmed down a bit and the connections decided to try a waiting race on him and he did run better then expected in check but like I said luck was not in his favor dont think he would have beaten the winner but would have had a better result if he had the luck.
will pick up a race or two this season note him over 7 flg in his age grp.
Another thing is if the jockey dint have the intentions to ride him out he would not have pulled him out trying to make a race out of it.


Vikram V Sood said...

Thank You Tiger, rightly assessed. I will watch your space for Zafar when he goes 7flg

raja said...

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