Friday, September 11, 2009

RHAPSIDION SNOW for The Maharaja's Gold Cup

Hi Folks,

Rhapsidion Snow trained by trainer S.Padmanabhan is in pink of condition and is expected to score in prestigious Maharaja Gold Cup the feature event of the races to be held to-day. Both Rhapsidion Snow and Dancing Dynamite have met in RNo.133 won by the former in record timing. Now if one looks a bit deeply or views the race minutely, at least I found Jockey Smith easing the horse near 200m having seen no danger was possible during the race and inspite of that won with plenty in hand with record breaking timing. Presently it maintains its winning form in the morning trials and though Dancing Dynamite was seen finishing on in the closing stages one factor to be noted was that it was all out whereas Rhapsidion Snow had plenty in reserve and I am sure if it was not eased up would have clocked still better. Hence according to me it is a cinch bet and jockey W.Smith should score a good double with Edmmondo later on. Danger if any can be in the form of Fleeting Arrow which is going in the correct distance and has clocked better in Mumbai but present condition is slightly against it. My rest of the speed rating for the day are as follows:

Race No. 1:

Black Cat 625
Queen Of Destiny 621
Rule The Fashion 617
Green Passion 615

Race No. 2:

Gris RApide 643
Celtic Charm 630
Another Destiny 621
Royal View 612
Raging Star 609

Race No. 3:

Stampede 615
Worth A Million 610
Anoosheek 607
Darktan 605
Suryarath 605
She's A Diamond 585

Race No. 4:

Yes I Can 631
Sign A Luck 609
High Fortune 590
Sadalwood Star 573

Race No. 5:

Dancing Dynamite 639
Fleeting Arrow 635
Firezone 629

Race No. 6:

Immortal 626
On A Roll 613
Enforcer 599
Panchakshari 596
Hi Hennessy 581

race No. 7:

Edmondo 614
Ever So Clever 612
Lava 609
Royal Treasure 605
Madam Rich 604
Memorable Day(no recent form)

Race No. 8:

Always For You 635
Express It 633
Scenic Melody 632
I Wanna Fly 601


Good Double : Rhapsidion Snow and Edmondo

Good luck to all

Thanking you,


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