Sunday, September 13, 2009

SEA RULER for The S.A. Poonawalla Multi-Million (Grade II)

Hi Folks,

C.D. Katrak trained Sea Ruler, winner in smart timing over 1400ms beating a good bunch of horses which most of them were rated 50pts., also twice a winner over 1400ms in same timing has the best credentials to win The S.A. Poonawalla Multi-Million Grade II the main event of the day. Cabriolet also has won twice on the trot but the field it beat was not worth a saying. On track Sea Ruler has a definite advantage even though both the horses are evenly placed on handicap rating. All said and done I expect Sea Ruler to give one more scintillating performance here and in fact would consider as a cinch bet for the day. In the Mysore Race Club Trophy the supporting event for the day, Star Impact on the basis of last good run behind Cameo looks good and should lift this trophy event in style. Another horse which impress me a lot in the last run is Blue Ray in The Rao Saheb Kedari Gold Trophy which though promoted to this class enjoys a drop in weight of 9kgs which will definitely enhance his chances in winning this event. My remaining speed ratings for the day are as follows:

Race No. 1:

Kiss Away 650
Game Of Power 648
Ratnavali 641
Destined Prince 639
The Rebel 633
Amberley 619

Race No. 2:

Lightning Cavalry 542
Rags To Riches 497
Sandringham 483
Flo Nightingale 480
Aristocratical 464

Race No. 3:

Rajasthan Royals

Race No. 4:

Sparkling Spirit 649
Strauss 638
Alize 611

Race No. 5:

Star Impact 701
Red Indian 698
Sea Princess 698
Raquel 660
Carindhu 660
Angels Glory 650
Bee Quick 650

Race No. 6:

Cabriolet 625
Harmonica 618
Mighty Crusader 598

Race No. 7:

Blue Ray 679
Aries 677
Rose Bowl 672
Swept Away 656
Highland Flame 656

Race No. 8:

Treasure Isle 644
Angelo 638
Tudor Regent 635

Race No. 9:

Hammerhead 633
Black Partridge 618
Culcrieff 615
Solid Rock 605

Day's Best : SEA RULER

Good Double : Sea Ruler & Treasure Isle

Kainchi w/pl : Star Impact, Sea Ruler, Blue Ray and Treasure Isle

Good luck to all,

Thanking you,


Statutory Warning : In view of bumper carried over pools one should play with caution as upsets on such day cannot be ruled out.


chanish said...

Sensational winners, today, I liked your cinch bet SEA RULER the best. Keep it up

Prakash Gosavi said...

As I have said earlier, when you hit your form, you are dead right. I am happy for your followers who must have made a killing today. Keep it up.

Sunil said...

Hi Jimmy,

Your ratings are fantastic. I dont miss to view your ratings one single day. Superb strike rate.

Keep it up.


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