Sunday, September 20, 2009

YANA for The Piaggio Fillies' AND MARES' STAKES 9GRADE III0

Hi Folks,

YANA trained by Bezan Chinoy and to be ridden by Y.S. Srinath is in rousing form and may not find any difficulty in lifting the Piaggio Fillies' and Mares' Stakes (Grade III) being the highlights of the day's feature event. After beating Antonios with ease at least I do not find any worthwhile opposition and hence it can be made as a solid banker for the super jackpot carried over pool. Mother's Pride is the only in form horse of say Class I which can follow Yana rest will fight for the minor placings. In the J.E. Hughes Trophy being the supporting event of the day I fancy Swahili on consistent form exhibited during the pune season. In The Blue Haven Trophy Div.I, Highland Glory and Grand Warrior should fight out the issue. My remaining speed ratings for the day are as follows:

Race No. 1:

Hereafter 666
Rule Of Law 666
Creme De La Creme 637

Race No. 2:

Monarchos 635
Any Time Money 629
Fiamma 620
Appalina 613
Mythical 611

Race No. 3:

Prince Of Troy 627
Golden Orra 616
Final Attack 608
Sail Thru 580

Race No. 4:

Tyumen 612
Rommel 609
Indian Summer 607
Catalyst 602

Race No. 5:

Tell Me More 588
Rio Del Ray 586
Ashridge 582
Confiserie 555

Race No. 6:

Glorious Miss 651
River Gem 623
Dictator 616
Gerrad 591
Admirals Quest 591

Race No. 7:

Swahili 658
Chios 657
Corfu 645
Romantic Impact 631
Prince Lochinva 606

Race No. 8:

Yana 646
Mother's Pride 632
Nora 630
Tsesebe 626
Angelique 598

Race No. 9:

Highland Glory 640
Grand Warior 635
Forever Charge 635
Blade Runner 635
Solor 598
Devilitto 588

Salawati 646
Victor Ivanov 607
Ballard Of Glory 599
Maverick 592
The Rebel 591
Heavy Money 584
Bemisaal 568

Day's Best : CAMBIASSO

Good Double : Cambiasso and Highland Glory

Kainchi w/pl : Cambiasso, Swahili and Highland Glory

Good luck to all,

Thanking you,



libero said...

Dear Jimmy

You have given that "YANA for The Piaggio Fillies' AND MARES' STAKES 9GRADE III" &
Day's Best : CAMBIASSO Good Double : Cambiasso and Highland Glory. Kainchi w/pl : Cambiasso, Swahili and Highland Glory

But why yana is not even in a chance for kainchi?

jimmy said...


The very fact that Yana was not given in either category was, what will one gain at lower odds i.e. less than half money. Whereas Cambassio was on last two occasion not ridden to perfection and unfortunately it lost again to a better horse. Anyway the results were very disappointing for me. Also many atimes I prefer horses at good ods except in some cases where the horse record is exceptionally good.

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