Monday, August 20, 2012


IGNORE Inapiring Tunes & Genius Queen
ONLY A PLACE PROSPECT White Wind,Time To Party & Zulu Punch
UPSETTERS Golden Star & Teen Star
GOOD CHANCE Zenas & The Parliament
Zenas & The Parliament are prime contenders with the two stars Golden & Teen capable of upsetting
IGNORE Majestic Rock & Anangalekha
ONLY A PLACE PROSPECT So Be It,Ice Hill,Paradise Bay & Itsy Bitsy
UPSETTERS Symbol Of Beauty,Queens Necklace,Rocking Racer & Salvadore
GOOD CHANCE Rise Of Emerald,Cannon Law & Enigma
Race is for maidens.The main contenders are Rise Of Emerald,Cannon Law & Enigma.AVOIDABLE RACE.Cannon Law is at decent odds can be a place bet
IGNORE Amrapal,Royal Bird & Royal Scotsman
ONLY A PLACE PROSPECT Off Spin & Bold Brigade
UPSETTERS Nano Tribute & Hard Hit
GOOD CHANCE Hamilton & Pussy Galore
Hamilton & Pussy Galore must fight.Nano Tribute & Hard Hit can upset
ONLY A PLACE PROSPECT Pranayam,Ice Wine,Chitrangada,Sheridian,Killer Instinct & Prince Of Arabia
UPSETTERS Sushen,Ice Lolly,Great Warrior & Break Away
GOOD CHANCE Noble Honour & Elenor
Race is for maidens.Noble Honour & Elenor are main contenders with Sushen,Ice Lolly,Great Warrior & Break Away having an upset chance.Elenor has an advantage
ONLY A PLACE PROSPECT Shades Of Victory,Spanish Conquest,Strategic Command & Prince Paladdin
UPSETTERS Nano Storm,Ice Mountain,Danny & Westminister
Front Line should score with Danny,Westminister & Nano Storm capable of upset
IGNORE Dauntless & Queen Major
ONLY A PLACE PROSPECT Ziv,Cypress Way,Cherry Hill & Dazzling Princess
UPSETTERS Yours Truly & Moment Of Roses
GOOD CHANCE Speed Striker & Smashing Beauty
Speed Striker & Smashing Beauty are main contenders with Yours Truly & Moment Of Roses capable of upset
IGNORE Daniella & Sanjaa
ONLY A PLACE PROSPECT Vijay Kiran,Precisely That & Metaforce
UPSETTERS Handsome Hunk & Wedding Gift
GOOD CHANCE Oru oru Oru & Confidential
Oru oru Oru & Confidential are main contenders with Precisely That,Handosme Hunk & Wedding gift capable of upset
IGNORE Devils Advocate & Smrithiman
ONLY A PLACE PROSPECT Max Baby,Kansan City Mac & Deccan Storm
UPSETTERS Iceland & Royal Sword
GOOD CHANCE Star Prospect & Geography
Star Prospect & Geography are main contenders with Iceland & Royal Sword capable of upset
IGNORE Madames Madame,Lavish Kid,Bacardi Time & Castle Rock
ONLY A PLACE PROSPECT Cannon Ten,Striking Gold & Homely Hello
UPSETTERS Glorious View,Sarvagnya & Azaiba
GOOD CHANCE Win And Enjoy & Fortunate
Win And Enjoy should score.Threats are Glorious View,Sarvagnya,Azaiba & Fortunate

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