Thursday, September 27, 2012

MYSORE 27.9.12

IGNORE Royal Taurian & Shourya
ONLY A PLACE PROSPECT Burning Ambiyions,Different Opinion,Tressa & Royal Music
UPSETTERS A Dance To Remember,Most Wanted,Absolute Joy
GOOD CHANCE Thunder,Bahman & Sabala
Thunder,Bahman & Sabala are main contenders.We would suggest an each way bet on Bahman
IGNORE Symbol Of Success,Gold Splash,Isle Of Fire & Blue Passion
ONLY A PLACE PROSPECT Sweet Angel,Go Green & Bejewelled Beauty
UPSETTERS Simply Super
GOOD CHANCE One From A Billion,Noughtsandcrosses,Pokeman Master & Royal Prodigy
One From A Billion,Noughtsandcrosses,Pokeman Master & Royal Prodigy should fight.
IGNORE Shahraan
ONLY A PLACE PROSPECT Samajdar,Kar O Bar,Tern Me On & Will Still
UPSETTERS Signifies & Thejaguar
GOOD CHANCE Walter,Saratoga,Indian Pride & Gold Venture
Weights have been increased by 1.5 kgs.Walter,Saratoga,Indian Pride & Gold Venture are the contenders
IGNORE Green Mist
ONLY A PLACE PROSPECT Amiable Lady,Sterling Speed,Real Magic & Enduring Speed
UPSETTERS Swept Away & Archer
GOOD CHANCE Sun Device,Emerald,Ahira & Yankee Lane
Sun Device,Emerald,Ahira & Yankee Lane are main contenders
IGNORE Prince Of Argyle
ONLY A PLACE PROSPECT Dance Of A General,Independence Day & The Muse
UPSETTERS Prost,Sensational Mover,Attractive Bay & Truthandfaith
GOOD CHANCE Glitterato,Maximum City,Zermatt & Velevtine
Weights have been increased by 2 kgs.Glitterato,Maximum City,Zermatt & Velevtine are the contenders.Zermatt-Each Way is suggested
IGNORE Absolute Reality
UPSETTERS Magnitude Star,Rip Van Winkle,Camorra & Rising Rainbow
Maths Baby looks good
ONLY A PLACE PROSPECT Ice Weapon,Balas Glory & Flying Tricolour
UPSETTERS Absolute Grey,Fortune Queen,Born To Race,Nessie & Ben Ten
GOOD CHANCE Ace Blood,Lad Star,One Time Magic & Virat
Weights have been increased by 0.5 kgs.Lad Star,One Time Magic & Virat have a decent chance.Ace Blood,Absolute Grey,Fortune Queen,Born To Race,Nessie & Ben Ten can upset. CAN BE A BAD RACE.AVOIDABLE
IGNORE Redshift
ONLY A PLACE PROSPECT Inspirator & Super Saloni
UPSETTERS Bernicia,Gift Of love,Corleone,Sweet Timer,Sparkling Cat & Aerial Acrobat
GOOD CHANCE Flirting King,Mr Magic & Sutton Prince
Flirting King,Mr Magic & Sutton Prince are main contenders.Bernicia,Gift Of love,Corleone,Sweet Timer,Sparkling Cat & Aerial Acrobat can upset

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