Sunday, July 29, 2012

BANGALORE 29.7.2012

IGNORE Star League & Splendid Dancer
ONLY A PLACE PROSPECT Yamaguchi & Vodoo Moon
UPSETTERS Angel Queen,Southern Pearl,Surprise Succeeding,Spark Of Blue & Brigades Paradise
GOOD CHANCE Savvy Concept & Royal Prodigy
Savvy Concept has a good chance but upset by Amit Caddy wards Royal Prodigy & Southern Pearl cannot be ruled out.If the race time odds justify Savvy Concept Place can be a bet.Not a good race to bet
IGNORE Villa Borghese,Aaron Mascot & Jazzelena
ONLY A PLACE PROSPECT Delilah,London Eye & Amalfi
UPSETTERS Many Wishes,Resurgent,Volans & Volcano
This race is for maidens.Although Amazon Bay looks good, cannot be called a certainty.Volcano,Volans & Many Wishes are capable of upsetting.The odds do not justify a bet on Amazon Bay.
IGNORE Supremacy & Too Cold To Hold
ONLY A PLACE PROSPECT Game Dancer,Star Presence,Ice Mint,Wild Nexus
UPSETTERS Foswell & Lads Gladiator
GOOD CHANCE Free Law & Invincible Shot
Weights have been increased by 4 kgs.Free Law has a slight advantage in comparison to InvincibleShot.Must be restricted to thIs jodi with Foswell being a joker in the pack.The best option can be Foswell Place
IGNORE Flame Back & Rich Radiant
ONLY A PLACE PROSPECT Ladzone,Brave Cat,Youre Stunning,Mr Ambassador & Anna
UPSETTERS Senor Speedy,Royal Surprise & Fortune Queen
GOOD CHANCE Caprioska,Kilimanjaro & Never Say Goodbye
Caprioska,Never Say Goodbye,Kilimanjaro,Senor Speedy are main contenders with Royal Surprise & Fortune Queen capable of upsets.A bad race to wager.Small chance can be taken on Caprioska place
IGNORE Flying Tricolour
ONLY A PLACE PROSPECT Romance In The Air,Sweet Surrender & Swift Star
UPSETTERS Current Ray,Yourewindsofchange,Ben Ten & Lad Fury
GOOD CHANCE Thoughts N Actions & Capote
Can be a close affair between Thoughts n Actions & Capote with Yourewindsofchange,Ben Ten & Lad Fury capable of upsetting
ONLY A PLACE PROSPECT Nickel Chrome,Charlemagne,Own Asset & Sandstorm
UPSETTERS Sun Salutation,An Acquired Taste & Wind Of Soul
GOOD CHANCE Ratham & Ace Dancer
Weights have been increased by 2 kgs.This can be a bad race.Dont be surprised if Wind Of Soul wins.Best option at race time would be to play Ratham -Place if at decent odds
IGNORE Back Among Friends,Methodical & Cash Is King
ONLY A PLACE PROSPECT Smart Exotic,Archibaldo & Hard To Pin Down
UPSETTERS Mark Of Genius,Atlas Power & Super Surprise
GOOD CHANCE Camelot,Kripa & Adonis
Adonis looks good.Upset can be by Kripa,Camelot,Mark Of Genius,Super Surprise & Atlas Power
IGNORE Beautiful Dancer & General Batla
ONLY A PLACE PROSPECT Astonishing,Aspect Of Love,Little Lion & The Situation
UPSETTERS Waltz Away & Aladdin
GOOD CHANCE Rising Sun,Rajas Pet,Javanica & Trillion Win
Can be a bad race with Rajas Pet,Javanica,Trillion Win having decent chance and Aladdin,Waltz Away & Rising Sun capable of upset.
IGNORE Presidents Rule ,Tressa,Encourager,Symbol Of Success & Success Star
ONLY A PLACE PROSPECT Mercutio,Frame Partner,Magic Money,Key of Knowledge & Afternoon Delight
UPSETTERS Sussex Downs,Zermatt,Sensational Mover & our Love
Wreking should score.Threats are Sussex Downs,Zermatt,Sensational Mover & Our Love

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