Friday, July 27, 2012

PUNE 27.7.2012

IGNORE My Lucky Star
ONLY A PLACE PROSPECT Romantic Beauty,Fireback & Blitzing
UPSETTERS By The Way,Lazor Razor & Ashwa Yodhaa
GOOD CHANCE Knight Rider &  Ashwa Yodhaa
Weights have been increased by 4 kgs.On account of no TW & negative change of shoes By The Way may not be tried.Ashwa Yodhaa place seems a good option
IGNORE Warrior Prince
UPSETTERS Sweaty Betty,Monarchos,Dancing Money,Stylish Strokes & Hermann
Weights have been increased by 1.5 kgs.Lack of TW can be an issue for Dancing Money but a chance place bet can be played.Sweaty Betty with decent tracks can come out of maiden ranks
ONLY A PLACE PROSPECT Ashwa Prahaar,Divine & Arabian Empire
UPSETTERS Brunello,Legends Order,Tommorrows Dreams & Towering High
GOOD CHANCE Star Of Zoltan
Star Of Zoltan place seems a decent option.Tommorrows Dreams & Brunello may not be tried due to no TW.
IGNORE Westerlie
ONLY A PLACE PROSPECT Hym Path & Desert Eagle
UPSETTERS That’s My Master,Ashwa Appollo & Carpe Diem
GOOD CHANCE Savage Garden,Theology & Sound Of River
Weights have been increased by 2 kgs.Definitely a bad race even though Theology on paper looks good
IGNORE Victorious Cause,Dancing Dolly & Foxtrot
ONLY A PLACE PROSPECT Arabian Fighter,Queens Kiss,Ocean Star & Kohima Girl
UPSETTERS Suki Suki,Wild Imagination,Fairy Queen,Flash Forward,Pound Foolish,Phosphor & Mable
GOOD CHANCE Winter Wind & Charlie Cool
Winter Wind has a good chance.
IGNORE White Knight & Sheriff
ONLY A PLACE PROSPECT Royal Highness & Lyrical Symphony
UPSETTERS Cent Per Cent,Sorrento & Chemin De Fer
GOOD CHANCE Hills And Heights
Weights have been increased by 0.5 kgs.Hills And Heights should score inspite of the Jockey
IGNORE Roesti & Celestial Call
ONLY A PLACE PROSPECT Aliyana,Stuntacular,Secret Service & Home Factor
UPSETTERS Shabdeez,Octopaul & Hidden Goodness
GOOD CHANCE Ishpingo & Limitless Hills
Weights have been increased by 3 kgs.Ishpingo looks good but upset by Limitless Hills,Hidden Goodness,Shabdeez is possible
IGNORE Ciel Indienne
ONLY A PLACE PROSPECT Dear Henry,Weizhou & Star Future
UPSETTERS Ancient Wonder,Star Goddess & Mountain Regiment
GOOD CHANCE Dancing Glances & Orito
Orito should score
IGNORE Diamondzip & Fallen Angel
ONLY A PLACE PROSPECT Tudor Regent,Star Blessings,Macho Uno,Titliest,King Julien,Dream Weaver,San Rafael & Saifeena
UPSETTERS Apocalypse,Marine Zone & Angels Quest
GOOD CHANCE Serena,Emerging Star & Ice Pick
Can be a bad race
IGNORE Fortuner,Irrestible Hunk & Steely Dan
ONLY A PLACE PROSPECT Awesome Smile & Snow Blaze
UPSETTERS Royal Honour,Native Lady,Seven Seas,Salt & Talk Of The Town
GOOD CHANCE Rule Forever & Rebecca
Rebecca looks good

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